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This guide was written by Dizzy while we were in FightClub(Lost City) together, as genies were new to me upon my return, I found it extremely helpful and a good starting point to uderstanding this new twist to the game.

So you want to be pro like me? You're going to need a genie to maximize your potential in the modern patch era of PWI. This will vastly limit your character's growth but, in exchange, make you an overpowering force against others your own level and beyond. That is... if you do it right.

Genie Styles:

The first decision you need to make is, what do you intend for your genie to do for you? The possibilities are

◦Nuker: Increase your spike dps output vastly to make you adept at spiking through hp hieros, particularly on light and heavy armor classes. Strength will be a vital stat.

◦Disabler: A genie focused entirely on stuns, slows, and other status debuffs that will leave your foe helpless to counterattack against you. Vitality and Dex will be vital stats.

◦Defender: A genie based on hp recovery, status curation, and speed boosts that increase your character's life expectancy far beyond its normal realm. Dex will be a vital stat.

It is entirely possible to mix and match skills belonging to each category, so long as you properly plan out the necessary affinity requirements on your Genie to begin with.

Genie Stats:

◦Strength: Most often used on nuker skills as increasing the dmg output by 1%:1strength point added.

◦Dexterity: Both increases the duration of debuffs as well as duration of personal buffs. A necessary stat for any build other than a nuker genie.

◦Vitality: A limiting factor in terms of high end advanced genie skills. If you seek to use the ultimate genie skills, be sure to pump your vitality early.

◦Magic: Do you want 3 skills or 4? The choice to only use 3 genie skills can save you a massive amount of stat points for other areas. However this is only recommended for nuker builds as without magic, your genie's energy recovery will be greatly lacking.

When initially choosing a genie, remember that each color comes with specific starting stats. Genies become increasingly more of a pain to level as time goes on so this small stat variation might not seem like a big deal in the beginning, but it will be towards end game.

Our next subject of interest is choosing your affinity alignment. Every element has more or less an overarching theme in its skills.

Elemental Affinity:

◦Fire: Considered by most to be the prime element affinity for a nuker genie. Fire skills not only deal massive amounts of damage, but offer excellent choices for mages looking to increase their already substantially powerful fire damage spells.

◦Water: A confusing element that scatters various types of skills into one category. Water features everything from very powerful buffs to intensely powerful underwater nukes. It is most famous though for the skills impact and occult ice. Impact being a decent nuke skill with an added physical defense debuff. Occult ice being a powerful freeze skill that fails about a third of the time.

◦Earth: The element of choice for messing with your opponent's battle plan. Earth features a good mix of slows, cast speed reducers, accuracy reducers, and even a speed boost. Tai chi, a full party speed boost and hp recovery skill, is definitely a must have under the earth category. Frenzy is another top choice in which the player sacrifices their own defenses to vastly increase their attack level (works for both casters and physical fighters).

◦Metal: This element features a strong benefit for warriors who prefer to do most of their fighting while in the air. It features some intensely powerful air nukes as well as many interupts and anti-caster skills. The famous blood clot also rests in this element, well known for making people immune to the initial bleed strike of the phoenix. For those willing to pump 8 affinity, Electro Dance is also sure to completely devastate any foe that dares follow you airborn (so long as you pump atleast 50 str).

◦Wood: The final element represents a strong category for those considering building a defensive genie. Not only is it part of the requirement for the famous life saver, tree of protection, this element also features many useful defensive anti-debuff skills such as protection from stun and sleep. This element line is well liked among casters as well for the skill, extreme poison, which increases dmg taken on the target by 20+% over 5.5 seconds. Element Weakness, if properly leveled, also provides a powerful advantage for any nuker class willing to invest 8 affinity into the wood element.

Complete Breakdown of Skills according to their lvl 1 status:

So now that you've decided what you want your genie to do for you and which element primary best suits your needs, the last step is to consider the mixed skills that play an important part of building the prime fighting genie.

Ideally your primary focus should be hitting one of the end list skills for an element of choice by around a lvl 40 genie. Once this is accomplished, you can then begin making plans for which combination skills you should aim for. This is a tricky process as you only gain one affinity point for every 5 genie levels so they must be placed carefully. In essence your prime element affinity should help you narrow down your build decisions by making you choose element combos that already feature your element as a requirement.

For instance say a BM that went the water route to obtain occult ice (long freeze skill perfect for comboing with a bm stun) may find synergy in the combo skill true emptiness (a strong skill for hitting air targets that can also provide a defensive life saving shield when facing caster classes). This powerful skill would cost a mere additional 3 metal affinity to obtain as opposed to 3 metal affinity and 3 water affinity to someone who's primary element was neither metal or water.

A cleric seeking the defensive skills of earth could easily tack on the aoe immobilizing and slowing whirlwind skill for only 1 more metal and 2 water affinity.

And a Veno looking to pack a powerful 1-2 knock out could obtain extreme poison for 4 wood affinity and then combine it with 4 earth to gain hollow fist, a devastating ground only nuke skill. With a large concentration of vitality, these skills can be chained for explosive results.


As you can see, this is the part of the genie build where your own imagination really comes into play. Have fun experimenting with whatever you want and feel free to post your results here. I'll now end this lesson with a list of some of our officer's genie go-to skills.

◦ThePope: White Genie
■Nuker Build
■Skill of Choice: Thunderstorm (8 fire affinity)
■Reason: Because not even hp charmed BMs are safe from ThePope's wrath.

◦Dizzy: White Genie
■Disabler Build
■Skill of Choice: Occult Ice (7 water affinity)
■Reason: Once I tick my target's hp charm, they seldom live longer than 5 seconds. I prefer they don't fight back or pot during this time frame

◦NuttyKitten: Gold Genie
■Defender Build
■Skill of Choice: Holy Path (2 metal, 2 wood, 2 earth)
■Reason: When Nutty's pet gets dropped, she has to gtfo from her opponent to revive it and re-enter the fight. This speed boost gives her plenty of time to do so.

◦Borr: Gold Genie
■Disabler Build
■Skill of Choice: Earth Strand (7 Earth)
■Reason: Lays down a heavy nuke on melee targets in pursuit while immobilizing them for 3 seconds, giving Borr time to launch a counteroffensive.

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